Top causes of fire:

  • Arson and intentional fires:
    Most of these fires occur outside, but most of the associated deaths, injuries, and losses occur in structures, particularly in homes.
  • Candles:
    The top three days for home candle fires are New Year’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.
  • Cooking:
    Includes general cooking safety info, as well as tips for microwaves, cooking oil and turkey fryers.
  • Electrical:
    Safety in the home with circuit interrupters
  • Heating:
    The peak months for home heating fires are December, January and February.
  • Smoking:
    Smoking materials (i.e., cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) are the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States.
  • Young firesetters:
    Children playing with fire cause hundreds of deaths and injuries each year.