October is Fire Prevention Month.

This year’s theme is “Every second counts, plan 2 ways out”. This is a reminder for all of us to have a plan if there was ever a fire emergency in your home. We should not only have an exit plan but also practice that exit plan with your entire family so they know how to get out of the house and meet in a safe location. The following link will give you some tips and ideas from our friends at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. Remember…have a plan and practice your plan. Be safe everyone!

Fire Prevention Week Logo Every Second Counts

The Cheshire Fire Department, also known as the Hoosac Hose Company, is a well-equipped community support department ready to respond with a variety of emergency services and equipment never envisioned by the originating fathers.

The company is currently equipped with SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), equipment for fire or chemical emergencies, Amkus Jaws of Life to extricate trapped victims of auto or industrial accidents, an inflatable rescue boat, and numerous specialty pieces of equipment appropriate for a modern community service function. Equipment has been recognized as only one aspect to proficient service. The road for trained personnel has been recognized and satisfied. Today, Hoosac Hose Co. members, in addition to fire fighting, are trained in fire prevention, underwater search and rescue techniques and EMS (Emergency Medical Service). With the development of an EMS Squad, the department has qualified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to augment its support of our community’s safety.


Hoosac Hose Company

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